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About Stepping Stone Foundation

Stepping Stone Foundation in town are ready to help you!

We, at Stepping Stone Foundation Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Center have been working for this good social cause, and since its inception in the year 2009, we have treated patients not only from Chennai but all over from Tamilnadu. The pain and anguish which he underwent due to this disease created an awakening in him to help other suffering alcoholics and their families, paving way for the foundation of Stepping Stone Foundation. The centre is licensed by the THE INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH-CHENNAI.

Stepping Stone Foundation Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center began its journey in Puthagaram,Chennai based on this experience & Need has now put its step in Villivakkam,Chennai The reason we chose Villivakkam as our next destination firstly as its healthy environment secondly all modes of Govt. Transport are available and its surrounding areas, thirdly availability of good experienced Doctors, Psychologists and Hospitals are available in the city.

A combination of grit, determination, dedication and the selfless efforts of Mr Richard Daniel Founder saw the birth of this therapeutic healing center, a long and fulfilled wish of his parents, Mr Richard Daniel and now has decided to expand this humble cause .he has been awarded by various organizations for his Exceptional work.

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Stepping Stone Foundation has a professional team of staff having years of experience in the field of drug abuse and alcohol therapy, thus making the institution a leading Center in Chennai. The treatment plan is a residential program of a multi dimensional approach.

The treatment model is based on 12 Steps of N.A./A.A. self-help groups with yoga and meditation, further enhanced by groups motivational, inter-personnel and recreational therapies. The programme is an opportunity to turn around and bring joy in the life of an addict and those around him. While here in this institution 12 Step way of living which brings about a positive change in the personality of the addict, is the only hope for survival and for ending his/her loneliness.

Our Facilities

Our Centre has vast campus amidst group of other services can accommodate 50 residents in different dormitory with an independent detoxification set up. there are various Designated areas for theraphy, Meetings, counselling, Recreation & planning the daily Activity in a rigorous and meticulous manner.


  • Interrupt the drinking or drug using behavior.
  • Detoxification of the individual from Alcohol and Drugs.
  • Break through the denial mechanisms of the Disease.
  • Break through the barriers of isolation and loneliness which separated the individual from the family, friends and society.
  • Identify and interrupt dis-oriented family and social relationships and replace them with positive ways of thinking and behavior that includes working with the whole family
  • Introduction to self help support systems at home and in the community for both family members and clients.
  • Establish new way of communication patterns to enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Discover new and healthier ways of coping mechanism with their feelings
  • Encourage lifestyle changes necessary for Continued abstinence
  • Administer counseling & treatment for co- dependants to bring about more meaningful family relationships.


  • A person has to have a history of alcohol/drug abuse
  • The chemically dependent person as well as the family must be committed to the whole program, its full duration and content.
  • Treatment Test

    We have best professional Team to Care your Life


    Hailing from a big family with five sisters Seeman who used to work in shed roofing took to drinking occasionally and then became addicted to it. He was advised to go through rehabilitation and was recommended to join Stepping stone , centre for deaddiction.


    This step changed his life. He soon gave up the drinking habit and became an advocate against chronic drinking. He works with Stepping Stone centre, helping the inmates quit drinking and become normal with regular healthy habits.


    From begging in Thanjavur bust stand to becoming a drunkard soon, this person with one leg has come a long way after joining Stepping Stone .


    The centre has done miraculous work on him and had made him give up the addictive habit and become normal. He is now a married man with a family and continues to work in the centre itself as a sign of gratitude.

    Raghu Robert

    Who was doing chits and finance business, took up drinking and lost focus in his work and life. Joining Stepping Stone through a friend was the best decision office life. With the centre's deaddiction therapy, he slowly gave up drinking and came out of the mental agony it caused him.

    Raghu Robert

    He owes it to this centre for directing his life positively and so decided to wot'k there to help people fight their drinking battles and become completely normal.

    De Addiction Centre in Anna Nagar

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