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De-Addiction Stages


where the client relieves of his withdrawal symptoms which normally last for 7 to 10 days.

a. Medication for detoxification :

Here the medical team slowly relieves the clients of his withdraw symptoms by giving detoxification drugs which normally last for 7 to 15 days. His other associated health problems are also taken care off.

b motivational counselling :

During this period motivational counselling a bout the benefit of the treatment counselling about the benefit of the treatment course is initiated. old clients will also play a role in the process as a role mode!

De-Addiction Stages

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The behaviour correctional treatment starts which consist of various input :

a. Re-educations :

here the clients are given classes on life skills and moral value of life which was completely missing during his dyugging period.skills ondeveloping self esteem, anger management, communication,positive attitude etc. are taught in this period.

b. yoga and meditation :

Here the client are prepared for physical and mental tranquility which is very important in the recovery stage.It gives mental relief to the client and restores mental peace in him.

c. Self-assessment :

Here the client take up assessment about themselves for self realization.the person slowly realize who is he and the consequences of alcohol which he never thought of when he was in drinking.Unless the clients realized and accepts that he has a problem we cannot go for the solution.

d. Individual Counselling :

The client are helped to explore and overcome their problems with in their own limitation.he is given lot of options to choose and correct one and hoew he can implement it. Many counseling session will be done during the treatment period.

e. Recreation :

The client are given an opportunity to rejoice their feelings and emotions through games,music,movie,television of their choice are shown once in week. They are allowed to choose the movie as a sign of reorganization.

f. Group therapy :

The client are given counseling in group according to their common interest and topic.They share amongst themselves problems and help to find Solutions to gether.Of late group theray has found to be very effective.

g. AA/NA meetings :

The client are helped to attain spiritual and moral awakening.

h. Relapse Prevention planning(RPP) :

The clients are given classes on the causes an opportunity to plan how to prevent it so that he can attain holistic recovery.The cause of relapse of a particular client is identified and the groph helps him to avercome it in future.This is done mainly for clients who come after relase.

i. Role Model therapy :

The old clients are given an opportunity to share their feelings with the inmates and there by serve their feelings with the inmates and tere by serve as role models.However some clients whoever some client who are not confident of their behavior problem could be given extended care treatment which could be given extended care treatment which could last even up to one month.

Treatment Test

We have best professional Team to Care your Life


Hailing from a big family with five sisters Seeman who used to work in shed roofing took to drinking occasionally and then became addicted to it. He was advised to go through rehabilitation and was recommended to join Stepping stone , centre for deaddiction.


This step changed his life. He soon gave up the drinking habit and became an advocate against chronic drinking. He works with Stepping Stone centre, helping the inmates quit drinking and become normal with regular healthy habits.


From begging in Thanjavur bust stand to becoming a drunkard soon, this person with one leg has come a long way after joining Stepping Stone .


The centre has done miraculous work on him and had made him give up the addictive habit and become normal. He is now a married man with a family and continues to work in the centre itself as a sign of gratitude.

Raghu Robert

Who was doing chits and finance business, took up drinking and lost focus in his work and life. Joining Stepping Stone through a friend was the best decision office life. With the centre's deaddiction therapy, he slowly gave up drinking and came out of the mental agony it caused him.

Raghu Robert

He owes it to this centre for directing his life positively and so decided to wot'k there to help people fight their drinking battles and become completely normal.

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